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Saturday, 19-Feb-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The wedding of Triza Zuraini Dato' Zainal & Andy Winarto

Dear All,

See our happy couple Triza Zuraini Dato' Zainal Abidin Putih & Andy Surya Winarto In March Pesona Pengantin (pg150-151)

Kid Chan
A member of Wedding Photojounalist Association
+6 (012) 215 9933 @ Sheraton Imperial Hotel, KL

Thursday, 17-Feb-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Photography SCAM UPDATE

Photography SCAM Alert!

Dear Guys, Thank you for your email and PM. Please find the following the SCAM letter

My name is mike and my wife name is sandra, we are planning to have our wedding on April 30th,2005 at St Ann Church,Cincinnanti,Ohio.I am looking for the best photographer who will come and snapshot on the D-day i would have love one from my town but my fiance parent said they want an international perfect photographer,and when i came across your advert i believe you will put a touch to our wedding day.Let me know your charges for your required services if you are to work for at most 7 Hours on that day.We want about 300 copies of different photos in both black and white and in coloured both in the church and reception and of both the bride and the bridegroom,their parents,the officiating ministers and
our guests.all in total are about We will want you to work for at least 7Hours at the occasion and if you are out of uk,we will pay the transportation charges air flight to and from the partyvenue what it will costs either via AirPlane to uk and what amount you will receive working for 7 hours at the occasion. we shall take care of your hotel charges and rest all we want is just the charges for your work okay.Also,we will have the photographs snapped at the wedding forwarded to the Publisher of a Magazine Company in uk so they could feature it in their celebrity journal. However,I will be happy if you can get back to me earlier so that the wedding planner can arrange for the payment to you earlier cos i dont want any delay before then. so that the wedding planner can send you a cheque for your said amount, cos right now i myself and my very lovely fiance are on holiday to france okay, pls let me know your
charges okay.

Kid Chan, [i]WPJA
+6 (012) 215 9933 @ Sheraton Imperial Hotel, KL

Wednesday, 16-Feb-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Of Handphone Virus & Wedding Photography Scam

Dear All,

Thank you for your many GONG XI wishes! Do drop by and visit me as I enjoy giving out Ang Pows!

BTW, to unnamed: Yes we do accept International Assingment. For more details, please mail me at

My new Phone Model which kena-ed Virus
Image taken from the Wedding of Riri Yanti & Ariff, courtesy of TEAM

Also, NOTE for THAERA: My new Nokia Kena-ed Virus, so i lost your contact, please call again! Friends of Thaera, please inform her:

For those who did not know your phone can kena virus and dont want to kena one, better stick to your traditional one. Dont be so smart like me-want this lah, want that lah! Now, very the padan muka that: i lost my BEST EVER picture of my daughter:(
No back up some more, i tell you!

heheh: I am talking like my SG Wang handphone buddy: Stephen Quay of VS Com HP: 012 3027788. He is highly recommended! Very professional. Change my bluetooth handfree without too much problem.

Oh yes, RAFI if you are reading this, Thousand apologies for not being able to take your call today.

BTW, Friends and budding photographers I received the following mail from a fellow photographer today about the SCAM today. Please read so that you are forewarned.


Kid Chan, WPJA
+6 (012) 215 9933 @ Sheraton Imperial Hotel, KL


You are receiving this email to alert you of a current scam targeting people in the wedding industry.

I have received two invitations in the last week to shoot weddings overseas. The broken English, the lack of "feeling" in the email, and the nearness of the dates made me suspect a scam and sure enough a search on Google revealed what it is an off shoot of the earlier translator scam:,Cincinnanti,Ohio&hl=en

For those who want a quick explanation: They offer to pay for you to shoot overseas and send you a check or money order. They ask you to buy your ticket through their preferred travel agent as soon as you receive the check. The "travel agent" belongs to them. You send money to the agent. Then their money order bounces. You try to complain to the travel agent, who has vapourised. You lose the airfare and feel burnt!

I have already placed an alert with the US Frauds commission to investigate, but please be extremely careful. I have found overseas clientele ALWAYS initiate contact with a phone call.

Forewarned is forearmed.

Warning Courtesy of Grant Corban

Kid Chan, WPJA
+6 (012) 215 9933 @ Sheraton Imperial Hotel, KL

Wednesday, 9-Feb-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Gong Xi Fatt Dar Chai!

Wishing ALL Malaysians a Prosperous Year Ahead & Gong Xi Fatt Dar Chai!

Kid Chan, WPJA
+6 (012) 215 9933 @ Sheraton Imperial Hotel, KL

P.s: Dear friends, Sorry for not updating the site the past week as the company is OVERLOADED with production. In fact, i have not slept for two days and will use the first day of Chinese New Year to SLEEEPP AWAY:)

Picture courtesy of TEAM

Thursday, 3-Feb-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Wedding of Jackie & Jon

View all 11 photos...

We were recently engaged to do the wedding photography for Jackie & Jon wedding at the Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel. There are It consultant that are based in the USA. Due to the shot turnaround time, i did not manage to keep some of the images from the wedding. Thankfully, jackie and Jon had it scanned and delivered to me. Very thoughtful of them, and i get to keep some of the most interesting images i have ever done.

Note to Jackie & Jon: Hope you guys are settled down now and thank you very much for sending the images to me!

Kid Chan, WPJA
+6 (012) 215 9933 @ Sheraton Imperial Hotel, KL

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