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Thursday, 18-Nov-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Wedding of Audrey Lam & Kian Onn Teen ,Part 1

Free Kisses for All
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Audrey & Kian is definitely a very special couple whose wedding I have recently photographed.

I have known Audrey since our high school days in Sri Cempaka. Since i have known her so loooonnngg i think it is only customary that i do the "embarassing the bride routine" a bit.

Audrey is actually the brainy girl that i use to copy my homework from in class. She was not willing at all and would leave this little gap between our desk, so that i can't really copy her. However, many of our HS friends thinks that she had only done so because she was petrified by my looks:(

Fast forward 2004: Audrey has grown into a REALLY great jet setter, fren that you can really count on despite her tight schedule.

As for Kian, I met him through Audrey bout 4 years back (he is also very brainy from what i heard). Also energetic and extremely friendly, i think he looks REALLY good (please dont get me wrong). Like some Taiwanese POP Star-a very TOP one that is! Lucky you- Audrey

I am really glad that both Audrey & Kian have found the perfect match in each other and will be spending the rest of their live together.

i like to thank the both of them for entrusting me & my team to document the most important day of their life.

BTW, we have sooo many more great pictures that i have to upload them separately. So stay tune for PART 2 tomorrow!

Tuesday, 16-Nov-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Paula Malai Ali & Tengku Kudin

I received a very interesting in my mail Inbox on Sunday asking me:

Saudara Kidchan,
Di antara semua pasangan pengantin yang anda telah ambil, pasangan yang manakah paling special sekali?

Dear Brother Kidchan,
Of all the couples that you have photographed, which one is the most special?

So, while the whole Malaysia is on festive mode, I spend the last two days thinking hard about the question. The thought constantly replayed in my head, while i was visiting, taking pictures, EATING lots of rendang and etc, etc.....

After thinking hard (which was very difficult to do, considering all the o2 went to disgeting the sumptious rendangs), i realized that all the pictures that i have created-good & not soo good, will always be part of me. It like my own child ( I havent got one yet, but FAITH Chan is expeted to make a grang entry to this world come December). So i dont think i would actually love one any less. It is also because of the friendship fostered with the couples, it makes the pictures even more meaningful to me.

However, i must admit certain pictures did have a more special place in my heart.For instance, the image above of Paula Malai Ali taken at her Akad Nikah in Carcosa. Because we were the official photographers, we really highly credited for the work.In fact, i believe three different images were credited in The Star alone.

Clieck the following linkto read,Fairy tale come true, the article that labelled Paula wedding to Tengku Kudin as wedding of the YEar 2002.

Selamat Hari Raya& Maaf Zahir & Batin! Drive Safely & Be easy on the ketupat and safe some rendang for me k?

Monday, 15-Nov-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Olli & Tania

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I met Tania in a Press Tour and she asked if i photographed weddings? OF COURSE, I SCREAMED:) It was on her wedding to OLLI i captured two of my favourite shots of all time: Knots & Union. Olli & Tania is now based in FInland.



Wednesday, 10-Nov-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The wedding of David & Grace

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The wedding was great fun. Both Grace & David were extremely candid although they observed the full traditional Chinese rituals. Check out the shots from the "Picking Up Brides!" BTW, Grace is a EXTREMELY accomplished pianist playing for major stars like Jackie Chong, David Tao & George Lam in their concert!

Friday, 29-Oct-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
To Blog or Not to Blog?

Kidchan's Note: Hey Guys! Found this in my Inbox. For those who are wondering why we bother to blog, or want to go somewhere where his/her blog, do this: READ ON!

To Blog or Not to Blog: Are Blogs Becoming More Popular than Forums, Newsletters & Ezines?By Vishal P. Rao
Blogging is hot, and seems to be becoming hotter each month. Although blogging originally was dismissed by many successful publishers and other online "gurus", the truth is that today, a few years after the "blogging trend" began, there are actually more blogs and more bloggers online than ever before. Blogging, obviously, is "here to stay"!

Actually first documented in 1997, Web logs initially used the abbreviated version: wee-blog, with a Web log editor referred to as a blogger. Since then, all types of Web logs (blogs) and blogging software have emerged, giving rise to this lucrative and dynamic market.

Today, everything from advertising blogs to zoology blogs exist, with every topic in between apparent online. Political blogs are rampant, and groups of bloggers across the globe post regularly on every topic imaginable.

What does a blog supply that an e-zine, newsletter, or forum might not? What has skyrocketed the popularity of the blog over the past several years?

The answers are really quite simple:

1. Blogs are more highly interactive. Posters get to see the results of a post immediately, as the post appears simultaneously after posting. Posters also don't have the usual moderation that appears in forums, where posts may be deleted without warning. Usually, in blogs, more freedom is given, and posts are usually accepted no matter what the content, or the topic.

E-zines and newsletters, with their one sided presentation of views, have decreased in popularity with the increase of the popularity of blogs.

2. Blogs are easy to maintain and easy to start. The sheer volume of choices is staggering! Everything from "blogging software" to "blogging services" are available, and even a novice blogger will find blogging quick and easy to do.

3. Blogs are "Search Engine Friendly Food". Search Engines love blogs, because of the constantly changing content that appears daily. Search Engines are constantly "searching" for new content, and blogs meet this requirement splendidly!

4. Blogs are actually a lot of fun! The entertainment aspects of a blog cannot be dismissed. A great deal of "voyeurism" exists on blogs, where other bloggers continually monitor discussions, both pro and con concerning an issue. Discussions on blogs can be "heated" and interesting, with much repartee occurring daily! Blogs are a rousing form of media, indeed, with many bloggers returning repeatedly throughout a day to view new posts.

For a view into popular blogs of many categories, just visit:

5. Many blogs are capable of syndication. Syndication is a great way to ensure that your writing and your views are exposed to as much of the general public as possible. Syndication is many times included in blogging services, and this has drawn individuals to the art of blogging continuously.

For an example of a blog service that features syndication, please visit:

6. There are no lists to maintain, or sp@m filters to worry about with blogs. This is one reason why so many writers and publishers have turned to blogs. E-mail delivery of newsletters and e-zines has become difficult over the past few years, with the advent of sp@m filters. Blogs are not delivered, and therefore, no methods of defeating filters are needed, and no "non-deliverables" occur, which has been the bane of writers and publishers prior to this.

A good blogging software exists at:

7. Blogs are economical. Since no lists are maintained, there are no list server costs. Blogging software and blogging services are also very reasonably priced, giving good value for the monë¹ spent monthly. Some blogging services charge others to "read", while others charge writers to "write", but overall the monthly charges are rather minimal either way.

8. Blogs are educational. There are such a variety of informative and educational blogs available, that a search for any subject usually turns up hundreds of offerings. Differing points of view on all subjects are offered routinely, giving a reader or poster an "insight" into the hearts and minds of other bloggers.

To be successful, however, Blogs also need to contain the same elements of a popular newsletter or e-zine:

A. Compelling, well-written content. No one, either online or offline wants to read materials that are poorly written or difficult or boring to read.

B. Updated material. Just as in newsletters or e-zines, if material is not updated continually, then the audience eventually dies.

C. Rousing topics. Topics of interest to a wide range of readers succeed more than topics that appeal to very few, or are rather dull topics.

D. A nice layout and visual appeal. A blog is akin to a Web site for written materials, and just like in the design of a Web site, every care should be made to have the blog be visually appealing and friendly to visitors.

Newsletters, e-zines and forums, of course, will remain. But as you can clearly see, blogging, bloggers, and blogs themselves, have definitely added to the "online experience" and will possibly (and hopefully) be around for decades more!

About The Author
Vishal P. Rao is the owner of - One of the Internet's leading websites, dedicated to starting, managing and marketing a home-based business.

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